New technologies continuously change the daily lives of people even for their everyday activities or use of familiar products such as wax. Well known for centuries, wax has been used for coating, lustering, encaustic, polishing all king of surfaces. Wax being solid at normal temperature, it is rather difficult to apply evenly. To ease the process, it can be heated over the melting-point or mixed with solvents or other adjuvants to help the wax distribute evenly on the surface. Still, the application of such products remains cumbersome and most often requires polishing with machines, leaving the coated surfaces somewhat greasy while retaining some unpleasant residual odor.    

A well-mastered wax emulsion technology allows for dispersion of wax into very fine particles, about 0.2 to 0.3 microns. Furthermore, the use of carefully selected emulsifiers, necessary to help break the wax into tiny particles, not only will keep these particles suspended in the water but also promote the depositing of the wax particles onto the surfaces. This technology makes the application easier than ever, either by mixing the wax with the shampoo for a two-in-one operation or by spraying onto the surface or applying with a sponge for routine waxing. The coated surfaces just need to be gently wiped dry with a soft cloth, leaving a shiny, dry and odor-free surface.  Besides Shiny Wax Exterior Polish for car body, we have Shiny Wax All Purpose Wax for car interior (console and seats) as well as tires and rims.  

P.S. WAX Ltd is a manufacturer of Wax Emulsion and Specialty Wax produced to the highest standards for industries like Particle Board and MDF Board, both domestically and abroad for more than 10 years. The Company also specializes in the production of waxes for various industries and is committed to expand its products portfolio with innovative and high quality products through continuous Research and Development while conducting its business responsibly towards the community and the environment.